Local Needlepoint Shop Day - Suggestions for Celebrating!

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Advertise your event. Use your website, your Facebook page, your email blasts, and your snail-mailing. Place an ad in your local newspaper, Post fliers on the windows and the inside of restroom doors (where they can't be overlooked!)


Call a nearby "celebrity" to amp up the day's wow factor! Make Local Needlepoint Shop Day special by lining up a local artist or accessories vendor to drop by for a meet & greet.


Everyone likes to show off their arts & crafts! Find a local leader - the mayor's wife, a local athlete, a television news personality who needlepoints - and invite them to a reception in their honor to show off their finished projects. They'll bring their friends to the party, and voila! - you have an event worthy of local media coverage! You've hit the LNSDay trifecta - celebrities, guests in your store, and news coverage - in one swoop.


Plan special sales. Show off the bounty of cash and carry canvases brought back from the Destination: Dallas Market.


Host a trunk show! Book one now while there is still time.


Make your event unique, memorable, and a day to show appreciation for everyone who attends. What makes your shop stand out from the rest? Emphasize the particular things that make your shop extraordinary! Still not sure? Ask your customers what they might like to do to celebrate!


Everyone loves a party! Set up a small table with cookies and punch and a pretty floral arrangement. Or a large table with a variety of gourmet noshes and a chocolate fountain!


Decorate! This business is all about the visuals.


Make it a real party atmosphere with music! It needn't be a live band, but take heed: if you hire Mariachis, serve up some nachos!


Hold a drawing for door prizes, or a special canvas, a shop tote-bag, or other promotional products.


Get your customers involved! Do you have a customer who has an amazing collection? Invite them to feature their collections in a gallery-style show. OR, pick a theme such as Santas, home decor, shoes, etc., and ask your customers to participate in a Galleria show. Security concerns? Clear out your glass cases for the day, check out the acrylic boxes at Hobby Lobby, rent a display case from a local event supplier.


Set up areas in your store and have a customer or various customers provide stitch demonstrations. You could do a "see what we do" for the general public, or fine-tune it with on-point demonstrations. Every hour you can change stitchers - Jane who does wonders with Bullion Knots, then Susy who is a wiz with Turkey Work, Carol who has the most impeccable basketweave, and a fourth hour with that one customer whose back of the canvas is as impressive as the front!


Invite the public to stitch a square. Find a cause and create a design of squares and invite the public in to "sign" it with their stitches. Divide your canvas into 1/2 inch squares, and let everyone come in and choose their own color, shade, or stitch. Promote a local cause perhaps, such as Breast Cancer Awareness or Animal Shelter Support with the final creation. Alert the media that this is happening in your store. Invite the media back after the piece has been framed and ready to be presented. Double win!


Feature special classes. Classes for everyone, classes for men, classes for the youngsters we want to encourage for the future of the industry! Make it new, make it fresh, make it exciting!


Take photos and video we can later post to get everyone jazzed about doing it again next year! Post them on your website, or on Facebook. Send them to us for our gallery!


Most of all, have fun! Nothing is more memorable than having a good time, and nothing inspires return visits quite like happy memories!