Local Needlepoint Shop Day - Resources

Needlepoint Shop Owners, Needlepoint Designers, and Needlepoint Supply vendors have permission to use the linked images on this page, provided you use them to promote Local Needlepoint Shop Day, including, but not limited to: advertising materials, printing on give-a-ways, and on social media. You may not use the images on anything that you are selling without written permission by The Management Team/Destination: Dallas Needlework Market.

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LNSDay Horizonal Logo

LNSDay Horizonal Logo - 2 day event

LNSDay Horizonal Logo - 3 day event

LNSDay Vertical Logo

LNSDay Vertical Logo - 2 day event

LNSDay Vertical Logo - 3 day event

LNSDay Square Logo for Instagram, etc.

LNSDay General Flyer

LNSDay "I support..."


***Incidental photographs on this site are courtesy of The Needle Bug, Louise's,
The Needle Works, Patricia Sone, Waste Knot, and The Needlepointer