Local Needlepoint Shop Day

Saturday, November 13th, 2021

Join us in celebrating the love and artistry of needlepoint with a national event to be held in needlework shops around the country! Promote the art of needlepoint by participating in Local Needlepoint Shop Day, Saturday, November 13th, and beyond in selected locations. It is a unique opportunity to encourage the appreciation of needlepoint, and the retail shops who make it happen!

Explore the site to discover where special events will be taking place in shops all over the USA, and find out what you can do as a store owner, a designer or supplier, and as a consumer to make this a truly special event in our industry!

The Story

Retailers, designers and suppliers of needlepoint-related goods are kicking in with their support, time, and energy! We will be displaying information on locations of participants, whether they be retail shops or wholesale suppliers. Needlepoint shops and designers who have not already signed up may do so by contacting us at


All we require is your commitment, and to spread the word to customers via your web sites, Facebook pages, email, or smoke signals...whatever works best for you to make your participation known!